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The logo for the café had to be cozy, memorable, professing a sense of technology and modernity and not be associated with other logos in this area / when looking at this logo, there should have been a sense of style, neatness and responsible activities of the company.


this is the concept of the logo for the aerospace initiative, which was supposed to express the desire for the stars, confidence in overcoming space, and personify space manufacturability



нere is the interface of the restaurant application, which was supposed to be distinguished by exquisite authenticity and not be similar to the standard applications in this area / the task was to combine great functionality, a sense of style, and the avoidance of information noise on the screen of the device



this is the concept of a logo, as well as jewelry for a start-up specializing in the jewelry area / the collection of Meaningful Charms is created to celebrate the body, to balance the energies, as well as to manifest miracles, and unlock supernatural abilities and powers / the charms that represent the desired areas of focus and intention can be worn separately or together as a bracelet or necklace