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a successful logo is a memorable, simple, timeless, appropriate, versatile, and unique visual representation of a brand /

It should create a strong identity for the brand, differentiate it from competitors, connect with customers, and convey the right message and tone to its intended audience, while remaining effective and relevant across different platforms and mediums

the task was to make a logo behind which there are future technologies, since the artist is engaged in the promotion of VR MUSIC


the logo for the charity organization was supposed to express confidence in the future and a global approach to the company's activities


the logo for the recording studio was supposed to express harmony, purposefulness and an alternative view of the company's professional activities

adim records

In the creation of this logo, the task was to associate the name of the company with its religious affiliation

sefirot records

this is a new startup project that deals with technologies in the field of Brainwave Music, so it was necessary to convey the atmosphere of something ultra-modern through the logo


an educational project to learn a language through reading literature required the creation of a conservative logo that pays tribute to the past


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